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We Are the Champions – World Cup 2018

I can’t believe World Cup 2018 is done already!!

The first time I watched World cup, was in 1998, I was 9 years old and I remember everything about it, it was in France and we won for the first time, 3-0 against Brazil. The entire country went crazy and we party all night long, Zidane and the entire team became heroes, everybody was so proud to be French. Since then I am really into World cup every 4 years. But since 1998 we never won again…

A few weeks ago, right before the World Cup 2018 start, we did a sweepstake with my team, first I got Mexico, as I am now living in London and most of my team are English I REALLY wanted to have France and support my country. I was so upset I didn’t have France and keep complaining about it. Few team lest so we decided to do a second round, and guess who I got this time!? FRANCE. I was beyond than happy, even if at this point I didn’t know what will happen I just wanted France so bad.
As long as world cup going on, France was winning and I start thinking they might win meanwhile all my English friends keep singing ‘’It’s coming home’’ every day, convince that this year they will win.
I watched every single match and if you also did, you know how this year everything went crazy. So many strong team lost, nothing was predictable. Plenty of my friends lost couple of bills on it…
At the end it was a proper European competition, we beat Argentina, Uruguay and Belgium. I watched the France – Belgium in France and the atmosphere was completely different, so happy to be home with my friend to celebrate France going into the finale and winning again the very strong Belgium team. I was really hoping for a big finale England VS France, but they lost against Croatia. So, we finally start to plan where to watch the finale of football. I really wanted to go back to France last weekend, as it was also our National Day on Saturday and World Cup final on Sunday but price tickets went crazy expensive. With a couple of my friends, we went to a bar privatized by French, surround by French and you know what happened, 4-2 for France!! This game was so intense; Croatia was very hard to beat but we did it. We are now World Champions for the second time, 20 years after our first victory.  London suddenly became Paris, thousands of Frenchie’s walked on the street singing our national hymn, dancing and screaming how proud we were.

This world cup brings us all together, especially when you live abroad, it felt so good to be all united to celebrate our second star. This is a second incredible memory that football gives to me, I am so proud to be French and of our French team they give us a very good moment and an unforgettable souvenir.






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