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My 30th birthday in Marrakesh

As you might have seen all over Instagram, I have celebrated my 30th Birthday last September. Since for ever I love birthdays celebration, especially mine. Every year I try to do something cool but for my big 30 I wanted to do something exceptional.
What’s better than bring my best friends with me to Marrakesh for 4 days of party, food, activities and relaxation!?

First things first, I planned to give  little present to my friends as a thank you for following me all the way down to Morocco.


We booked our stay to Riad Chrofa, I really like that we get to have one big room for 4 of us, it was way more easy.


We obviously did a trip in the Palmeraie with quad, it was very fun even if I wanted to go really fast but as we were part of a group we have to wait for the others…


We went to the very iconic Jardin Majorelle, such a lovely area and a perfect picture spot.

2 days in Lake Como

If you ever go to Como I highly recommend you to stay more than 2 days, because of my job I couldn’t stay longer and I really wanted to see everything about Como. I had an hard time to choose what I will do and what I will save for next time. We arrived in Como early in the morning and took a boat to Varenna, our only goal of the day was to chill around the pool while drinking Spritz. I am glad to say that we achieved our goal on that day, lucky us the pool was completely empty which is very cool to relax and have a nice chat.
Sporting Club Olivedo









We left Varenna around 4pm because I really wanted to shower and hang out in Como for the evening. After few minutes at our hotel we were ready to go for Ice cream, Rooftop drinks and amazing Pizza. I literally fall in love with Como, I found it much more prettier than Milan to be honest. I wanted to take pictures in every single street.








For our last day in Como we couldn’t miss the very famous Bellagio, as expected this town is very pretty, we spent our morning walking around before having one of the most perfect ”lunch with a view” of my life.









As you know I travel quite a lot and try to visit different places every year, but even if I love discovering new cultures and landscapes I think Italy will always have a special place in my heart. I just can’t get enough of it, I think that’s why I am going there almost every year… Next time I might try to do another part though…

15 hours in Milan

It was only the second time for me visiting Milan, but it felt like I already know by heart the city, to be honest, I am very glad that we only stayed for 15 hours there.
First of all, it was melting hot, which is not ideal when you walk around the city, second the Rooftop we wanted to go was closed, to finish people were incredibly rude to us.
So, quick resume of what we did in Milan.
We arrived there quiet late as my flight was a 2 hours delayed (story of my life), after a quick stop at our hotel to drop off our bags and take a shower we went for a late lunch/early dinner at the Rooftop Obica. If you ever go there, I highly recommend the stracciatella from Puglia, it’s just fabulous. Right after we did a very basic walk to see the touristic part of central Milan, as it was very hot, we were very trusty and just wanted to find a random grocery store for water. It wasn’t an easy thing to find at all, so we ended up buying 6 bottles of water at Mc Donald’s and we stayed under the AC for ages. At some point we realized that we were in Italy only for a few days and we definitely shouldn’t spend more time at Mc Donald’s! We decided it was time for us to move on to our mandatory rule of ”one ice cream a day” stop and went to Cioccolatitaliani,  I took an my favorite flavors and it melt straight away on my fingers (deep joy of 40 degrees weather).
After that we went back to Mc Donald’s for wash our hands and refresh our makeups before our drinks at Aperol Rooftop. This night we ended up pick up some pizza slices from Spontini to take away in our hotel room, as a very tired and lazy ladies we are, it was the perfect way to finish this very exhausting day.





The World’s HIGHEST Dunes

At the end of our trip we went to Sossusvlei (a salt and clay pan surrounded by high red dunes) to climb one of the highest dunes in the world, it was very hot, but I have no word to describe what I saw over there. Dead Vlei has been just breathtaking and it’s for sure one of the most beautiful landscape I have never seen in my life.
I am so grateful to my family to bring me there and made me part of this incredible Namibian adventure. I wish you all to get the chance to visit one day this exceptional country.

Le meilleur étant toujours pour la fin, quoi de mieux que de finir mon séjour en gravissant l’une des plus haute dune du monde ‘’Dead Vlei’’.
Quand on est arrivé à Sossusvlei, qui est un désert de sel et d’argile dans le désert du Namib, la chaleur était déjà extrême et j’avais beaucoup de mal à ouvrir les yeux dans ce désert aux 1000 couleurs.
Dead Vlei (cuvette d’argile blanche) est incroyable, je peux vraiment dire que c’est  l’un des plus beau paysage que j’ai pu voir dans ma vie, je suis tellement reconnaissante envers ma famille de m’avoir permis de vivre une telle aventure. Je souhaite à n’importe qui d’avoir un jour la chance de pouvoir découvrir la Namibie qui est un pays extraordinaire.