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We Are the Champions – World Cup 2018

I can’t believe World Cup 2018 is done already!! The first time I watched World cup, was in 1998, I was 9 years old and I remember everything about it, it was in France and we won for the first time, 3-0 against Brazil. The entire country went crazy and we party all night long, Zidane and the entire team became heroes, everybody was so proud to be French. Since then I am really into World cup every 4 years. But since 1998 we never won again… A few weeks ago, right before the World Cup 2018 start, we did a sweepstake with my team, first I got Mexico, as I am now living in London and most of my team are English I REALLY wanted to have France and support my country. I was so upset I didn’t have France and keep complaining about it. Few team lest so we decided to do a second round, and guess who I got this time!? FRANCE. I was beyond than happy, even if at this point …

My Favorite Sushi place in London

When it’s super-hot outside what’s better than a big platter of yummy sushi? Before Lorene’s leaving me for 3 weeks (so sad…) we wanted to go to our favorite Japanese restaurant called Sticks’n sushi ( We usually always go to the one in Covent Garden but as it’s terrace season we decided to give a go at the Victoria’s one. And for sure I will go back again, this location is very quiet and almost every restaurant has a big terrace plus it’s very close from my office. After dinner we walk to the ice-cream place near the famous Peggy’s Porschen ( It was as usual a lovely evening. I am so looking forward to the weekend I have so much to do, this week I have been out every evening so my flat is a complete mess!! Happy Friday!! Enjoy the sunny weekend.

Best indian restaurant in London

If you are looking for a good Indian food in London, I highly recommend Dishoom. I think I have been at least 20 times since I live here. They have few restaurants all over London, Tuesday we went for the first time to the King’s cross venue which I think is the prettiest one. We had the chance to have dinner outside, regards to the menu I always take the same dishes over and over which is a shame because everything looks absolutely delicious. So for me it’s a mandatory Cheese Naan, Pau Bhaji, chicken berry Britannia with vegetable samosas when I am super hungry. But no matter how full I am, I will always have the Chocolate pudding for dessert.  

Aperol Spritz event

Happy Friday guys, this week has been the longest ever for me. I feel like I need a proper 24h sleep to be myself again. I have hung out almost every night since last Thursday, I wanted to enjoy the summer feeling and the endless day, that’s why, I mean I have no regrets about it but I am just REALLY tired. Anyway, I wanted to share some pictures of my last Saturday event,  I spent the afternoon at the Aperol Spritz party in Shoreditch, as you can imagine it was pretty cool, they always got the best installation. We had good food, good drinks and so much fun. Sunday was a quiet one as I had to travel to Paris with my work team this week, we obviously went out for dinner and plenty of drinks. Every time I go back to France I realized how much I missed French food and wine… I just come back from my lunch break, we went outside, they are broadcast the football world cup matches in a …

Sunny weekend in London

Hi guys, I hope you had a nice weekend, mine was really good, it was about 20 degrees in London for the entire Saturday and Sunday. I guess the Royal family has such a big power, they are able to make London hot and nice for Harry’s wedding. Friday night after our usual drinks & dinner we went to the cinema and watched Deadpool 2, was as fun as the first one except I didn’t have any subtitles this time, pretty hard to get every single joke but I think I understood most of it. Also I am so into Ryan Reynolds at the moment he is definitely one of my favorite actor. Saturday I went out for brunch at L’ETO was very good, I didn’t get the chance to try their desserts, but for sure next time, I will give a go. After that we did some pictures (as usual), chilled to Hyde Park, had few drinks at the Prince (very cool bar in London). Even if I didn’t really want to see Meghan & Harry’s wedding it was all …