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My Favorite Sushi place in London

When it’s super-hot outside what’s better than a big platter of yummy sushi? Before Lorene’s leaving me for 3 weeks (so sad…) we wanted to go to our favorite Japanese restaurant called Sticks’n sushi ( We usually always go to the one in Covent Garden but as it’s terrace season we decided to give a go at the Victoria’s one. And for sure I will go back again, this location is very quiet and almost every restaurant has a big terrace plus it’s very close from my office. After dinner we walk to the ice-cream place near the famous Peggy’s Porschen ( It was as usual a lovely evening. I am so looking forward to the weekend I have so much to do, this week I have been out every evening so my flat is a complete mess!! Happy Friday!! Enjoy the sunny weekend.

Best indian restaurant in London

If you are looking for a good Indian food in London, I highly recommend Dishoom. I think I have been at least 20 times since I live here. They have few restaurants all over London, Tuesday we went for the first time to the King’s cross venue which I think is the prettiest one. We had the chance to have dinner outside, regards to the menu I always take the same dishes over and over which is a shame because everything looks absolutely delicious. So for me it’s a mandatory Cheese Naan, Pau Bhaji, chicken berry Britannia with vegetable samosas when I am super hungry. But no matter how full I am, I will always have the Chocolate pudding for dessert.  

The Ned – Fancy restaurant

Today I’m going to New York you can’t believe how excited I am about this trip, I was waiting to go back since I left the city. Even if I really like London every single day I’m thinking about moving back to New York it’s like be with a new boyfriend and thinking about your ex every single day. I decided to give you some news while I’m waiting in the airport. By the way this is some pictures about my dinner at Milli’s lounge. This restaurant is very beautiful it’s in the Ned and you have different types of restaurants in the main room with a pianist in the middle. We had fancy dinner with the girls, my steak was divine I keep thinking about it. I’m going to get my airplane soon, I will let you update pretty soon about what’s happening during my vacation, a lot of post is coming get ready guys !! Have a good weekend. Aujourd’hui, je m’envole pour New York vous ne pouvez même pas vous imaginer à …

Japanese night in London

Last weekend my best friend came over from France to spend a few days with me, we had such an amazing time together. I really wanted to show her how my life looks like in London and guess what? She loved it!! For our first night out we went to Shochu, I really love this bar. They put an entire decor of cherry blossom to celebrate Sakura day in Japan, it was really amazing. I took an unusual cocktail, espresso with rhum, it was a very good taste, I will ordered it again. I wanted to take my friend to one of my favorite Japanese restaurant called stick n sushi but I completely forget to make a reservation so instead we went to a new one and it was a very good surprise we loved it. Murakami is a very good restaurant and they do Mochi I wanted to eat that since I’m living here, so happy!! I think I would update the new post soon because I have so many places to show you …

Playing Alchemist with my girls

Good evening, D-1 before the weekend I’m very excited but not about the weather it is supposed to rain the entire weekend so it will ruin all my plans but what can we about it ?? Yesterday night I went out after works with the girls in Liverpool Street. It was my first time at the Alchemist but not my last. I really loved it!! They do these super cool cocktails with colors and smoke very Instagram friendly. We had dinner there as well I took coconut shrimp I missed it so much since I left the USA. I also ordered french fries and quesadillas, so I guess it’s not today I’m starting my diet.. Bonsoir, J -1 avant le week-end !! Je suis tellement impatient d’y être même si apparemment il va pleuvoir tout le week-end. Ça fait trois jours que je check le temps toutes les cinq minutes et aucun changement pluie, pluie et pluie. Ce qui ruine carrément mes plans, mais bon c’est comme ça on n’a pas le choix de toute façon. Hier soir on …