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My first Vlog

Hello guys I’m happy to share with you my first Vlog. I already notice I definitely have to stop saying “so” “view” “amazing” “frosé” and “rooftop”. But it’s actually what’s represent the best my holiday in NYC. Anyway I hope you will like it !! Xoxo Hey je suis heureuse (mais un peu stressée je l’avoue) de partager avec vous mon premier vlog sur mon dernier voyage à NY. C’est pas facile de s’entendre parler, surtout quand est pas trop fan de sa voix et de son accent… Mais quoi qu’il en soit ça faisait un moment que j’avais envie de me lancer dans le game et c’est maintenant chose faite! Et faites comme si vous n’aviez pas remarqué les nombreux mots que je répète à peu près une centaine de fois pleaaase! Bref au delà de ces petites choses énervantes j’espère que vous aurez autant de plaisir à regarder cette vidéo que j’ai eu à la faire.

Pietro Nolita

Yesterday we went to Pietro Nolita, which is the pinkest restaurant in the world, as soon as we get there we took some pictures on the front of the restaurant and on my way in the waitress saw my camera and she said no camera allowed in this restaurant!! I was really disappointed about that because I wanted to show you how it look like inside but unfortunately I couldn’t.  IPhone was allowed tough, so I took a picture of my plates and of the cocktails, to be honest, I didn’t really like the way they don’t want us to take a picture because I really feel it’s a stupid idea but at least they got good food. I took the lemon pasta and it was really tasty something I never tried before, so yes, I would recommend this place for food but not for taking pictures haha Hier, on est allé dans le restaurant le plus rose du monde, Pietro Nolita, à peine arrivé, on a pris quelques photos devant le restaurant et quand …

While we were young

Tonight we went to a very cute restaurant called ‘’While we were young’’ for me, it’s have been a long time ago, I’m not kidding, I am always feeling like I’m 18 but nope I’m going to turn 30 soon which is very depressing… Anyway, this place is super small but very fancy, marble table and flowers on top, it is very girly which I love. I took a burger, it was very good, especially the hand cut fries, super yummy.After dinner we had a drink at the hotel Arlo, it was the first time for me, the view is really amazing and they also got a glass floor at the 28th level, which can be very scary for people, but you know how much I love to be high so I was standing on this window for an hour watching cab on the road just under my feet. Tonight I really felt like I am back to my old New York city life and I realized how much I missed it. Ce soir, on …