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Fifth Step ”Napoli”

Wow Naples, where the driveway became a complete mess, I am not kidding better to be careful and a good driver. Naples is really typical like you expect the Italian city to be with sheets across two balconies, small streets, restaurants and bars. But this city is really messy, dirty and expensive, to be honest, it was not my favorite even if we had such a great moments there. Naples is really good as soon as you get out of the city, actually we just spent few hours in the town to visit a little bit and have dinner, for us it was enough. My favorite part was 100 per cent Capri, this Island is so gorgeous, the architecture, the flowers, the shops, restaurants everything is perfect there. I was falling in love while I was walking in the street. We visited another Island, Ischia, was really pretty too (Capri better), we went for a tiny hike to Vesuve, was really cool and the view there was something else!! We also drove to Procida, is …

Fourth Step ”Roma”

If you go to Rome in the summer I really suggest you to take a hotel with pool, it was our best place after our crazy day in the city! There is so much to see and so many tourists at the same time, I remember hours waiting by 95F for a visit. Rome is a pretty city with an incredible history, we visited the Vatican and went all the way up to Saint Peter’s basilica (from 1506) where the view is amazing. We also visited Castel Sant’angelo, Piazza Navona, Pantheon, Piazza dI Spagna, Foro Romano, Piazza Venezia and Piazza del Populo. Of course we did Colosseum was one of the most important things to do in Roma because it’s so old (70–80 AD) and still beautiful. You should definitely take the audio guide while you visit, it’s not one of the most fun, but it helps a lot to understand if you (like me) don’t know the entire story about the Colosseum. My big disappointment of Rome was Trevi Fountain, not because it is …

Third Step ”Firenze”

My favorite Italian city, I really fell in love there, our hotel was on top of the city with an amazing view on it. No car needed during the 3 days we just walked all the way down and up (excellent worked out on our butts). We visited, the Duomo, Palazzo Vecchio, Ponte Vecchio, Galleria dell’Accademia, Boboli Gardens and the Uffizi Gallery. The entire city is so charming and pretty you just have to walk in the street and enjoy the moment. I also recommend to try the special meal ‘’Fiorentina’’  it’s just a huge piece of beef but very delicious! Mon amour d’Italie, c’est inexplicable à quel point je suis tombée amoureuse de Florence . Notre hôtel était tout en haut de la ville, on avait plus qu’ à descendre une centaine de marches (et travailler nos fesses) pour accéder au centre-ville. Pour moi la voiture n’est pas indispensable (contrairement à l’anti-moustique, surtout l’été). On a visité le Duomo, le Palazzo Vecchio, le Ponte Vecchio, la Galeria del Accademia, le jardin de Boboli et la Galeria …

Second Step ”Pisa”

To be honest, we just made a few minutes stop in Pisa to take pictures of the tower, it was so many tourists and very hot!! If Pisa is on your way, make stop if not that totally fine too. Pour être honnête, on y a juste fait une pause de quelques minutes pour faire des photos avec la tour de Pise. C’est mignon mais rien de fou, et avec la chaleur et les touristes moins de temps tu restes, mieux c’est !!

First Step ”cinque terres”

Our first stop was La Spezia where we visited ‘’The Five Lands’’, it took us one day to discover the five villages. We wanted to do by feet but the trail was not approachable, so we did it by train and it was good to have some rest between the two villages. One of the best parts of our travel and for sure I will go back. Nous sommes partie de Grenoble, direction les Cinq Terres. Nous avons dormi dans un air BnB à La Spezia. On avait prévu de faire la visite des cinq villages à pied mais les chemins étaient endommagés à cause d’éboulement. On a donc choisi l’option train qui n’était finalement pas si mal. Pour moi les Cinq terres reste l’une de mes étapes favorites. On en prend plein les yeux, c’est magique !