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My 30th birthday in Marrakesh

As you might have seen all over Instagram, I have celebrated my 30th Birthday last September. Since for ever I love birthdays celebration, especially mine. Every year I try to do something cool but for my big 30 I wanted to do something exceptional. What’s better than bring my best friends with me to Marrakesh for 4 days of party, food, activities and relaxation!? First things first, I planned to give  little present to my friends as a thank you for following me all the way down to Morocco.   We booked our stay to Riad Chrofa, I really like that we get to have one big room for 4 of us, it was way more easy.   We obviously did a trip in the Palmeraie with quad, it was very fun even if I wanted to go really fast but as we were part of a group we have to wait for the others…   We went to the very iconic Jardin Majorelle, such a lovely area and a perfect picture spot.