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What to do in Stockholm

Have you been to Stockholm? If the answer is yes, you already know how beautiful this city is, for the ones who didn’t have the chance yet, let me explain to you why it should be your next city trip.
First of all, the Swedish, they are so friendly and helpful, I don’t know if it’s because we went during one of the hottest weekend of the year but everybody was super kind to us.
Secondly the food, we went to the nicest restaurant and had really tasty food, I will do a proper post on this very important topic later.
Thirdly, the city, Stockholm is really beautiful, surround by water we had so much fun walking around and discover the city which is actually quite huge compared to what we expected.
So what to do in Stockholm!? For me as usual, my weekends are balanced between walking around, drink wine & try as much restaurant as I can.

The first thing we did (obviously after brunch) was the Fotografiska museum and luckily the theme of the exposition was ‘’Devotion! 30 Years of photographing Women’’. We spent about 3 hours there, to be honest, it’s the first time I enjoy that much a museum. I highly recommend this expo if like me, you like Fashion photography.


We also walked around Gamla Stan every day, it’s the old town, frame with tons of tinny pretty street we almost took pictures in every single of them!

Kungstradgarden park was on my top list, especially because at this time of the year they have amazing Cherry Blossom trees, I think we arrived just on time, most of the petal was already on the ground.

While I am writing this post I realized we didn’t do that much during our trip, we mainly chill and had fun, I think that also what the city trip are.

If you want a more personal story keep reading if not, thanks for reading until here and see you soon!

So the story of our weekend, we woke up at 3.15am, went all the way to Stansted airport which is very far from our places. We arrived on time and though we can now just pass the security and chill at the duty free until our flight time. But the security staff wasn’t agreeing with our plans, they literally chase after every single drop of liquid we had with us it was ridiculous. We spent about 30 minutes with this guy explaining to us that everything we had was liquid, Like: crème? Liquid, mascara? Liquid, lipstick? Liquid. After throwing away half of our cosmetics we finally went for our traditional before flight Pret a manger (highly recommend the eggs bun).
Our first day in Stockholm was terrible for me as I had the worst allergies ever, sneezing and snuffing every 2 seconds by 10pm I was completely out of energy so we didn’t do much.
Sunday was a better day and I was finally ready to party, but in Sweden they are not selling alcohol in the regular grocery store, you have to go in liquor store which is close on Sunday…
We end up buying a bottle of wine at our hotel bar and drink in our room, was fun though.
We were so inspired we even created a video clip (sorry for the one who saw it in my Insta story). On Monday I was very sad to leave this city, I had a proper crush for it! On the way back we were sitting next to the most psychopath guy ever, since the beginning he was acting really weird.
At the gate he was yelling at someone on the phone very loud, once we were sitting on the plane he called someone when we fly off, everybody gets suspicious. Then he argues with the entire aircraft staff and insulted them, he even had a fight with another passenger who were done with is comportment. Once we land the pilot ask us to stay in our seats, the police came and he get arrested. When they walk to him, he acted offended and said ‘’Oh, why are you arresting me’’.
It was very funny how he plays innocent victim while he made everybody live 2 hours and a half of hell in this airplane. Anyway, everybody cheered when he left with the policemen.
That’s how our city trip ended, came back home at 3am and ready for another work week.

Have a lovely weekend guy 🙂

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