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Sunny weekend in London

Hi guys,

I hope you had a nice weekend, mine was really good, it was about 20 degrees in London for the entire Saturday and Sunday. I guess the Royal family has such a big power, they are able to make London hot and nice for Harry’s wedding.
Friday night after our usual drinks & dinner we went to the cinema and watched Deadpool 2, was as fun as the first one except I didn’t have any subtitles this time, pretty hard to get every single joke but I think I understood most of it. Also I am so into Ryan Reynolds at the moment he is definitely one of my favorite actor.
Saturday I went out for brunch at L’ETO was very good, I didn’t get the chance to try their desserts, but for sure next time, I will give a go. After that we did some pictures (as usual), chilled to Hyde Park, had few drinks at the Prince (very cool bar in London). Even if I didn’t really want to see Meghan & Harry’s wedding it was all over Instagram, Facebook, etc., I am sure it was the same for you. Here in London most of the people were dressed up like it’s really important for them to show up on this special day, was very funny to see.

Sunday was a really chill day, we picked up some food at to our favorite sushi place (Sushi shop), then we went to Regent Park, grabbed a bottle of rose on our way and relaxed all the afternoon under the bright sunshine. We also shoot some picture in collaboration with the favorite organic French T-shirt brand called Les pipelettes.
This is a short week for me, I will be off to France on Friday, I am so excited to going back home for a few days, I really hope the weather will be great over there!

Have a nice day Xx

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