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Aperol Spritz event

Happy Friday guys, this week has been the longest ever for me. I feel like I need a proper 24h sleep to be myself again. I have hung out almost every night since last Thursday, I wanted to enjoy the summer feeling and the endless day, that’s why, I mean I have no regrets about it but I am just REALLY tired.
Anyway, I wanted to share some pictures of my last Saturday event,  I spent the afternoon at the Aperol Spritz party in Shoreditch, as you can imagine it was pretty cool, they always got the best installation. We had good food, good drinks and so much fun.
Sunday was a quiet one as I had to travel to Paris with my work team this week, we obviously went out for dinner and plenty of drinks. Every time I go back to France I realized how much I missed French food and wine…
I just come back from my lunch break, we went outside, they are broadcast the football world cup matches in a big screen at the park close to my office, it was very chilled. I am so looking for tonight, with Lorene we are going to do a wine and cheese picnic and it’s definitely my highlight of the day, I can’t wait for it!! Have a lovely weekend guys.




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