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My Favorite Sushi place in London

When it’s super-hot outside what’s better than a big platter of yummy sushi? Before Lorene’s leaving me for 3 weeks (so sad…) we wanted to go to our favorite Japanese restaurant called Sticks’n sushi ( We usually always go to the one in Covent Garden but as it’s terrace season we decided to give a go at the Victoria’s one. And for sure I will go back again, this location is very quiet and almost every restaurant has a big terrace plus it’s very close from my office. After dinner we walk to the ice-cream place near the famous Peggy’s Porschen ( It was as usual a lovely evening. I am so looking forward to the weekend I have so much to do, this week I have been out every evening so my flat is a complete mess!!

Happy Friday!! Enjoy the sunny weekend.

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