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Calvi on the rocks

It was only 2 weeks ago, but it feels like it was ages already!!
Just a quick post to share with you my amazing holiday with my bestie.

When I arrived to Calvi I was very tired, but when I left it, I was completely exhausted!
On Sunday 8th July, I took the 6am flight from London straight to Bastia. Once there I took a bus to Calvi, I met my best friend there and I’m just telling you it was so much fun!!
So here we go: Calvi on the rocks Day 1 

We first went to Octopussy but after a drink we both decided it was a bit too young for us so we moved to In casa. A lot of brands were there and we won a lot of goodies (tote bags, beach towel, cap, sunscreen and beauty creams… We came back home right before sunset, had dinner and we both agreed to go get some sleep instead of going out (this is when you realized you are not 20 anymore!!)

Calvi on the rocks day 2
After my usual pastry breakfast, we went to the beach and chilled a bit before going to the rooftop party at Marianna hotel. Once again we got a lot of goodies, by the way how do you like my cap?
We met some friends and went back to In casa, I really loved it there. At night we went to a friend’s house and hang out to Tao, the view up there was just insane!


Calvi on the rocks day 3
As you can see on the pictures, it’s a really cute town. For my last day in the festival I really wanted to go to Villa Schweppes which is a bit far from the center. So after an exhausting walk (1h by 35 degrees, I was melting), we finally arrived and figured it out that they have a free boat shuttle from the city… Anyway I needed some workout so it’s not that bad.
This place is just breathtaking, we spent our afternoon there and went back to the city to watch the football match France / Belgium and as France won we did celebrate a looooootttt!!
We finished the evening at the concert of the French rapper Booba and went to bed at 5am knowing I had to wake up at 8am and go back to work right after.

To finish what’s Calvi on the rocks:

  • My first real festival
  • Be reunited with my best friend
  • Too much alcohol
  • A nice tan
  • A struggle to pick the right outfit
  • Amazing djs
  • Discover a new city
  • Meet incredible people

Until the really end I met such cool people who made this trip more than a good memory. I had so much fun it was 3 days none stop laughing, I feel very grateful to be able to make the most of it and love my life more than ever.
One advice Go to Calvi on the Rocks next year !! I’m thinking about booking my tickets already!!

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