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15 hours in Milan

It was only the second time for me visiting Milan, but it felt like I already know by heart the city, to be honest, I am very glad that we only stayed for 15 hours there.
First of all, it was melting hot, which is not ideal when you walk around the city, second the Rooftop we wanted to go was closed, to finish people were incredibly rude to us.
So, quick resume of what we did in Milan.
We arrived there quiet late as my flight was a 2 hours delayed (story of my life), after a quick stop at our hotel to drop off our bags and take a shower we went for a late lunch/early dinner at the Rooftop Obica. If you ever go there, I highly recommend the stracciatella from Puglia, it’s just fabulous. Right after we did a very basic walk to see the touristic part of central Milan, as it was very hot, we were very trusty and just wanted to find a random grocery store for water. It wasn’t an easy thing to find at all, so we ended up buying 6 bottles of water at Mc Donald’s and we stayed under the AC for ages. At some point we realized that we were in Italy only for a few days and we definitely shouldn’t spend more time at Mc Donald’s! We decided it was time for us to move on to our mandatory rule of ”one ice cream a day” stop and went to Cioccolatitaliani,  I took an my favorite flavors and it melt straight away on my fingers (deep joy of 40 degrees weather).
After that we went back to Mc Donald’s for wash our hands and refresh our makeups before our drinks at Aperol Rooftop. This night we ended up pick up some pizza slices from Spontini to take away in our hotel room, as a very tired and lazy ladies we are, it was the perfect way to finish this very exhausting day.





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