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2 days in Lake Como

If you ever go to Como I highly recommend you to stay more than 2 days, because of my job I couldn’t stay longer and I really wanted to see everything about Como. I had an hard time to choose what I will do and what I will save for next time. We arrived in Como early in the morning and took a boat to Varenna, our only goal of the day was to chill around the pool while drinking Spritz. I am glad to say that we achieved our goal on that day, lucky us the pool was completely empty which is very cool to relax and have a nice chat.
Sporting Club Olivedo









We left Varenna around 4pm because I really wanted to shower and hang out in Como for the evening. After few minutes at our hotel we were ready to go for Ice cream, Rooftop drinks and amazing Pizza. I literally fall in love with Como, I found it much more prettier than Milan to be honest. I wanted to take pictures in every single street.








For our last day in Como we couldn’t miss the very famous Bellagio, as expected this town is very pretty, we spent our morning walking around before having one of the most perfect ”lunch with a view” of my life.









As you know I travel quite a lot and try to visit different places every year, but even if I love discovering new cultures and landscapes I think Italy will always have a special place in my heart. I just can’t get enough of it, I think that’s why I am going there almost every year… Next time I might try to do another part though…

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