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Day 9 & 10 : Labuan Bajo

Day 9 : I have literally 0 pictures of that day as we spent half of it in a spa getting several treatments and the other half eating and tanning by the pool… Here is one photo of our daily watermelon juices.

Day 10 : We woke up at 4am and took a boat for a tour.
First stop was Padar Island, we walked all the way up, took few pictures and walked back down. We had 1h to spend on the island which was quick but enough to enjoy the view.
The second stop was the Pink beach, one of the most beautiful beach I have ever seen!! As you can notice on the pictures, the sand was proper pink and clean, the sea was so blue that it looked like a pool!
Third stop was Komodo park, everyone went to the National park to see the Komodo dragons, I didn’t go inside because I am afraid of them. I barely saw one running on the beach from the boat and was literally terrorized! I was curious Seems like everyone was disappointed about the visit as most of the dragons were asleep.
Last stop was on our way back at Manta point for a very quick swim with the manta rays.
We finished our trip completely exhausted and went once again to our usual ” Happy Banana” restaurant for dinner.

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