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Day 14 & 15 : Canggu

Day 14 : We checked into Kaen Apartments for only 3 hours. We barely get 2 hours sleep when our guide woke us up at 1:30am. We did almost 3 hours drive to the base camp, where we had a quick breakfast and started climbing the Mount Batur. It was very cold and humid once we arrived on top we have to wait till sunrise, but unfortunately the sky wasn’t clear so we couldn’t see anything (cf below picture). It was another big sunrise failure for me (remember the one I had in Hawaii 3 years ago)…
Anyway, as our guide said it’s mostly like that, you have to be very lucky to have a crystal clear sky, it happens around 5/6 times a month.
In the afternoon we checked into our last hotel Zin, which was beyond my expectation!! We went for lunch at Moana followed by our last – 60 mins full body massage – keratin, hair treatment – manicure/pedicure and full body waxing (so much needed at this point of the trip)!
For our last evening we had a very good dinner with view at Ji and party for a bit next door with French songs and good crowd, but we didn’t stay long as we wanted to enjoy our last day there the day after.

Day 15 : Our last day started with an early breakfast at our hotel, few hours by the pool and a late lunch at organic café. We did some last minute shopping and sadly left for the airport. Our driver was the same that pick us up at the airport when we arrived, he was very surprised by our town and how joyful we looked. He was very happy to see that we absolutely LOVE Indonesia and we were so sad to leave and right before we left him, he said: ”It’s not a goodbye but a see you later”.
I can’t wait to go back to Indonesia, it was my best travel so far, landscape, food, beaches and most of it PEOPLE. I never met as many nice people in my entire life.

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